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Sonys forskningsprogram för innovativ teknik kommer nu till Europa

Pressmeddelande   •   Jul 15, 2020 09:00 CEST

För femte året i rad är det dags för Sony att ta in ansökningar till sitt forskningsprogram för innovativ teknologi. Nytt för i år är att Sony även tar in ansökningar från universitet i Europa.

Sony tar nu in ansökningar till sitt forskningsprogram Sony Research Award Program, där de vill stötta forskare som arbetar med framtidens teknologi. Man tar nu in ansökningar för forskning som fokuserar på ny och innovativ teknologi från universitet i USA, Kanada och numera även utvalda länder i Europa – däribland Sverige och Danmark. De som blir antagna till programmet kommer att kunna realisera sin forskning i samarbete med Sonys egna forskargrupper.

Läs mer om forskningsprogrammet på engelska nedan.

“For the past four years, the Sony Research Award Program has been an excellent opportunity for top researchers to partner with our world-class engineers to solve real world problems, with both sides benefitting”, said Toru Katsumoto, Executive Deputy President, Sony Corporation. “We are excited to now broaden our program to include Europe as it is home to some of the world’s most prominent scientists and researchers, and we are hopeful to expand the program to even more regions in the future.”

The Sony Research Award Program is comprised of two awards – the Faculty Innovation Award and the Focused Research Award. Both awards are coordinated by Sony’s R&D Centre and may fall within three broad subject categories: Information Technology, Devices & Materials, and Life Sciences. The awards create new opportunities for faculty members to engage in cutting-edge research, leading to the introduction of breakthrough technologies.

The Faculty Innovation Award grants up to $100,000 USD to principal investigators for one year, with the possibility of an extension, for research projects that fall within Sony’s current research interests. This award will help Sony catalyse and expand the creation of new concepts by building on existing research through university partnerships.

The Focused Research Award provides support for up to $150,000 USD for one year, with the possibility of an extension, to conduct research in the areas of Sony’s immediate interest. Through close collaboration with Sony’s own in-house research team, academic faculties can explore new and evolving research.

“Partnering with Sony under the Sony Research Award Program has given our students and post-doctoral fellows a rare opportunity: the chance to work on truly relevant problems that are slated to have major commercial and societal impact,” said Professor Ted Sargent of the University of Toronto. “At every stage, Sony has been a thoughtful and strategic advisor on how to ensure our project has the greatest implications both to other scholars in our interdisciplinary field, and also on engineers at the vanguard of industrial R&D and innovation.”

“For the past year we have been working with Sony’s research award program,” said Professor Sebastian Scherer of Carnegie Mellon University. “It has been very exciting for us to be able to collaborate with researchers from Sony and has been especially rewarding to join forces to advance the state-of-the-art in dynamic visual simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM).”

Proposals may be submitted by university principal investigators who may be assistant, associate, or full professors. Objectives, publication terms, and patent terms will be mutually agreed upon between the awarded institution and Sony. The deadline to submit applications is September 15, 2020 and award nominees will be notified around March 2021.

For more information about the grants, as well as a list of previous award recipients, please visit the program page on ‘sony.com’ [https://www.sony.com/research-award-program].

*European countries included in the Program are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

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