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A9M2 & A7M3 Firmware Updates

Pressmeddelande   •   Mar 10, 2021 13:40 CET

Sony today announced new firmware updates for A9M2 and A7M3. Please find update details for both cameras below.


This update applies to ILCE-9M2 units running software “Ver.2.00” or earlier, and the new update introduces software “Ver.3.00”.

With software “Ver.3.00” below contents will be updated:

  • Adds the Crop function to allow you to crop a recorded still image
  • Adds the Forced File No. Reset option in the File/Folder Settings (still image) menu to allow you to reset the still image file number and create a new folder


The applicable products for this update are with the system software version “Ver.3.10” or earlier. After updating, the system software version will be “Ver.4.00” (please visit the download page to check the system software version installed on your product).

With software “Ver.4.00” FTP transfer setting will be initialized. Please reconfigure after the update.

The new update includes:

  • Adds new features of FTP transfer*
  • Allows you to transfer still images during shoot and playback operations
  • Adds the following FTP transfer functions:

- Allows you to narrow down the transfer target, such as protected images or non-transferred images, and transfer the images together as a batch

- Allows you to transfer only the image being played back by pressing the custom key

- Allows you to transfer all images automatically while shooting

- Allows you to select the setting to transfer both RAW file and JPEG taken in RAW+JPEG format to an FTP server

  • Update the destination folder configuration
  • Allows you to register up to nine FTP servers (previous was up to 3)
  • Allows you to change the destination folder configuration on the FTP server:

- Save image data directly under the folder that you chose

  • Register the media card slot number in the folder configuration
  • Register the folder configuration same as your camera
  • Improved operability of FTP transfer function
  • Allows you to set items under Server Setting by using the smartphone application Transfer & Tagging add-on
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera.

(*) The Transfer & Tagging add-on is only available in certain countries and regions.

This firmware updates are available now and can be downloaded below:

A9M2: https://www.sony.se/electronics/support/e-mount-body-ilce-9-series/ilce-9m2/software/00258099

A7M3: https://www.sony.se/electronics/support/e-mount-body-ilce-7-series/ilce-7m3

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