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Sony samarbetar med ledande kamera-accessoar-tillverkaren Lino Manfrotto vad gäller utveckling och marknadsföring av varumärkena Gitzos och Manfrottos produkter

Nyhet   •   Okt 16, 2017 13:00 CEST

Sony has reached an agreement on a product and marketing collaboration with Lino Manfrotto + Co. SpA ("Manfrotto"), designers, producers and distributors of photography, videography, and camera accessories.

The collaboration will span a range of products, including both premium models aimed at professionals and those geared towards travellers and camera enthusiasts. The first product is planned to be launched from Manfrotto in 2018, a brand new line of products developed for Sony's α™ interchangeable lens cameras. Further collaboration is also underway to launch a new product line for professional use under the company's Gitzo and Manfrotto brands.

Sony and Manfrotto plan to showcase products from this collaboration at future exhibitions they attend within Japan and around the world. Sales and customer support for these products will be overseen by Manfrotto's sales & marketing team.

Through this collaboration, Sony aims to contribute to the further development of digital imaging by stimulating photographers' and videographers' creativity through an expanded line-up of accessories.